Using a clean and dry kettle, water should be boiled just once, because boiling twice would cause the carbon dioxide and other dissolved gases in water to escape. Their presence enhances proper extraction and taste of the tea. Over boiled water from boilers or espresso machines can develop a metallic, ‘stewed’ taint.
A teapot for leaf tea, cup or bowl made of white porcelain are recommended as these enhance the appreciation of tea on the eye. As an alternative glass teacups or bowls could be used although if so please present these on a white tablecloth.
The freshly boiled water should be poured directly onto the leaf tea inside the pot or onto the Luxury Leaf teabag in the cup or glass. It is important to use the right amount of water. In the case of BREAKFAST allow the water to cool for a minute or two before pouring into the pot or cup. This is to cool the water a few degrees and accommodate the very fine, light flavour of these high elevation teas.
One bag or a teaspoonful of tea will brew a cup or mug of tea (around 220ml). When using a large teapot, care should be taken not to pour in too much or too little water as too much will produce a weak brew and too little will yield tea that is excessively strong. Stir gently after one minute and allow brewing for a further 2 minutes, stirring the tea occasionally keeping the brewing vessel firmly closed. If you prefer your tea strong, brew for an extra minute.
Whilst some green teas can be brewed up to three times with the same tea bag, black tea should only be brewed once. Please discard the used teabag after brewing.
The addition of sugar and milk are a matter of individual preference
If you enjoy tea with milk, use warm dairy milk and use just a dash to avoid overpowering the tea. If sugar is desired, use refined white sugar. As an alternative try a natural sweetener like pure bees honey. Garnishes such as a sliver of Ginger, crushed Mint leaves or a twist of Lemon can be interesting additions to a refreshing cup of SILKENTY