We are proud to share with you the new unrestricted silken pyramid tea bag. Coming from generations of master planters, dedicated to the fine art of tea, we find this new treasure will revolutionize the tea experience. We have carefully filled these silken infusers with premium ingredients- real leaf teas, whole buds and flowers, natural herbs, exotic spices and real fruit pieces. Each blend speaks of perfection and delivers maximum enjoyment. Indulge and find yourself left satisfied beyond your comprehension.
Our silken infusers allow discerning consumers to experience an exceptional cup of tea. Their structure allows us to fill them with the most premium grades of teas and herbs. (This was never possible in the restrictions of a traditional teabag.) The state-of-the-art production process is within an ISO 22000:2005, Dutch HACCP and IMO certified environment, ensuring the highest levels in hygiene and food safety standards.
Brewing your tea becomes an experience. Just watch your cup unfold, as each ingredient is free to release all it's flavor.
The silken pyramid tea bag is incomparable to other tea bags. The fine fabric allows a clear view through the bag. You will find yourself examining the ingredients, creating a visual enhancement that is sure to please the senses.
This is simply the most convenient and innovative way to enjoy a premium tea.
Breakfast Tea
Bombay Chai
Earl Gray Tea
Honeydrew Green
Traditional Oolong
Chamomile Lemongrass
Peppermint Rose
Crimson Nights
Tropical Dreams
Vanilla Rooibas
White Gold Tips
Ginger Paradise