We at Silkenty are proud to introduce the all-new 'DAILY DELIGHTS' range, which is marketed to the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) supermarket category. It is certainly, more economical for retailing, compared to the gourmet Silkenty range, which is targeted to the more upscale boutique shops and gift segments.
The Daily Delights range comprises of six SKU’s such as ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA, EARL GREY TEA, TRADITIONAL GREEN TEA, GOLDEN CHAMOMILE, PURE WHITE TEA & SCARLET BERRY. We have carefully selected premium whole leaf Ceylon tea, chamomile buds, very rare hand made white tea and exotic berries to fill these unrestricted biodegradable silken infusers to cater to the upscale supermarket customers. These silken infusers are packed in foil pouches to retain its freshness and are sold in 20 counts.
The Silkenty ‘DAILY DELIGHTS’ range is the first ever luxury tea brand offered to the main retails chains globally, which is certainly, value for money!!!!!
English Breakfast
Earl Gray
Traditional Green
Golden Chamomile
Pure White
Scarlet Berry