The Tea & Herb Company is a private limited liability business house registered in the Democratic Republic of SriLanka, incorporated in Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Eight.
It is primarily engaged in the export of premium & specialty quality pure Ceylon teas, it’s forte being sourcing, purifying, processing and value addition in upscale packaging. The greater volume of its exports consist of garden-fresh, unblended 100% pure Ceylon tea in its unadulterated virgin condition. All teas are harvested, packed and processed for export in a matter of a few days, using the best packaging, thus locking in the full flavor and freshness of these purest teas, from the tea garden to the consumer’s table. In addition to pure Ceylon teas, the Tea & Herb Company have been a supplier of specialty quality Darjeeling, China and Papua New Guinea teas to a select clientele and more recently Herb Teas and exotic spice teas, infusion’s and Tisanes.
In Ceylon and in the world that recognizes the connection of perfect health and good of teas, the Tea and Herb Company is fast earning a reputation for its quality of product and service.

The Tea & Herb Company